About Dee

Deanna (Dee) is a naturopathic practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine and prides herself on providing a warm, supportive and responsive service. In 2005 Dee graduated with a degree in Health Sciences from the Endeavour of Natural Health where she lived for six years before moving back to New Zealand.

Dee believes passionately in the practice of integrative medicine. As such, Dee’s approach to wellness incorporates traditional assessments as well as more modern techniques, such as blood tests, functional tests, bioimpedance and other such assessment tools.

She uses both nutritional and herbal medicines as part of her treatment approach, with a strong understanding of interactions between natural and pharmaceutical medicine due to both regular study and working in a large pharmacy in Australia for four years. This has meant Dee has been able to effectively and safely support individuals currently on prescription medication, and has worked in conjunction with General Practitioners (GPs) for the benefit of the patient.

A range of practitioner-only supplements may be recommended including Metagenics, Thorne, Metabolic Maintenance, Bioceuticals, Flordis, MediHerb, Orthoplex, Dr Veras, Eagle and PhytoMed.

Dee uses several social media platforms to share a wealth of knowledge – from Instagram videos cooking in the kitchen with her young children to articles published in the STYLE Magazine and Otago Daily Times shared on her Facebook.

Dee is not currently taking on any new clients.


“Prevention is better than cure and I do not believe that good nutrition should be viewed as a secondary healthcare nor a complementary/alternative healthcare; it has to be a primary healthcare”.  Dee



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