I feel truly amazing!

“Hi Dee
I have been meaning to write this for a week. Quite simply I am so grateful for the help you have provided me. For the first time I can remember since before my operation in August last year I have had a normal (for me) cycle. 
Honestly- I feel truly amazing now that I am seeing benefits of your recommendations. I have even joined a gym and am regularly getting some targeted exercise and time for myself. 
Thank you thank you thank you so much! 

I hope you are having a lovely day”


I am a new person!


“I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Dee.  I am dancing around my home and my whole body aches have disappeared.  I have so much energy – I am a new person!  Noone has ever taken the time to look into all of my complaints in so much depth before.  It’s just so wonderful.  Thank you!”



Thank you

“Hi Dee,

You are “one out of the box”. Thanks so much for arranging for the book with the “faces” [ The Chemical Maze]. It arrived while I was away during the week, and is just what I was looking for.

My life has been so enhanced through meeting you, and I am very grateful.”


Changed my life!

“Dee, you have changed my life!

I am feeling so much better, it is amazing how refreshed I feel when I wake up in the morning and my dry mouth has improved so much that I haven’t used any pilocarpine and I stopped the chewing gum straight away as well. I feel that my overall general health is so much better.

Thank you!”


Belly fat gone!

“Dee following our last appointment I finally watched that sugar film. Very cool experiment and i found myself agreeing with alot of it – two main things – the tummy fat… mines gone and the cost of eating healthy is the same due to eating less. I look at the packets of any foods now. I don’t count calories. Todays food for the day will be …… still no skin issues, still no teeth problems. laughing at my work mates when they have their 2pm yawns!                                                                                                          


Unwell child

“We took our son to see Dee after we had tried every other avenue. He had missed alot of school time due to being so unwell and had undergone alot of tests to no avail.

After the first session with Dee we made dietary and lifestyle changes and within days saw a noticeable difference. He is now a happy, healthy boy and we are so grateful for the practical help and advice we received.”


Weight loss

“I saw Dee to get to my goal weight which was proving to be very difficult. She did a series of body tests to ensure I was losing fat and not muscle and gave me helpful eating ideas and recipes to make my goal achievable. She also got me to get blood tests to rule out any other underlying issues. In that time I lost 10 kg and have so much more energy and enjoy all the compliments I get.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone struggling with their weight to see help from Dee.”


Healthy Eating

“Hi Dee

Thank you so much for taking time to advise *Amy*. It seems to all be working for her and I am really encouranged when speaking to her that she is feeling better in herself and taking pride in her body.

Also thank you for addressing the quick fix carb overload which has always been a big concern of mine. With the shakes and food ideas from you, there is visible change.

Many thanks Dee”



“Hi Dee,

Hope you are well. Just to let you know where I am at. Due to the slow starting snow season, Ben and I went to Australia where I got my blood tests done. Everything showed up fine. I am so grateful for you taking the time to look into the underlying reasons why I wasn’t feeling right.

I do thank you for the part you played in my recovery.

Many Thanks”



“I went to see Dee after trying everything for my chronic sinus infections. I was surprised by how quickly her treatment plan worked and I am now so grateful I have clear sinuses for the first time in years”.



“Hi Dee

I am feeling really well and am now studying naturopathy through correspondence, partly my push was that i felt really inspired by your enthusiasm for your job, so thankyou.”


Digestive Problems

“Thank you for the plan. I am definitely feeling better. I haven’t had the really bad painful bloating since I saw you and my mood has definitely improved. I think the Bach flower mixture is really helping with that as I forgot to take it during the busy weekend and was a bit titchy!

I am really feeling hopeful we can get on top of this so look forward to our
follow up appt.

Thanks again”


Blood Pressure

“Hi Dee

I have just had a blood pressure check….and it was 130/80 which is much better than it has been! Yay, something must be working. Thought you might be interested in that.”


Happy toddler

“Hi Dee,

You have been so super and practical its been a pleasure to point others in your direction.

We have noticed a huge improvement in *Ella’s energy. where she used to get grumpy and lethargic in the evenings she is a much happier girl. She is also improving with going to the toilet and going every 2 or 3 days rather than every 6 days.

To prove this works we have just had a week away and her diet hasn’t been great with being away and eating out and more wheat in the afternoons/evenings. We also left her supplements behind and so she hasn’t had any since saturday night. Because of this she has slipped back into grumpy tired evenings and struggled to get up this morning after 12 hours sleep last night!

Great to know we can now go back to a better lifestyle/diet and it really helps her.

Thank you so much Dee.

Take care,”


Thank you

“Hello Dee,

Just read your e-mail and thought was so true and just wanted to wish you a lovely Xmas and New Year festive break. Thankyou for all your e-mails and help over the last year and I will keep telling people to go see you. All the best and look forward to talking again next year.”


Improved Sleep

“Hi Dee

I feel really good actually so the pills and the change in diet are definitely helping.

I have cut back on my carbs considerably and am eating a lot more protein – the weight is slowly coming off!!!

My sleeping is much better and i can now sleep through until about 5am so am getting 6-7 hours at a stretch which is much better than my usual 3-4!!!



Feeling healthy

“I have been the healthiest on this tour I have ever been. Cannot believe no ankle swelling…

Take care and many thanks.”



“Hey Dee

Thanks so much for the elimination diet stuff. No gluten and wheat has turned my life around. I’m relaxed, no racing heart rate, I sleep. I’m like a whole new person!”


Feeling better

“Thank you so much for all your help, I was so unwell when I first met you. I was depressed, had terrible anxiety, low in iron, zinc and magnesium, I feel great now, thanks to you!!

I will come back to you again if I ever get unwell like that again.

Keep up your great work. I’ve told all my friends and family to go to you also!

Thank you”

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